Tucson time.

For my first summer break after my first year of teaching, I chose to get away for a few relaxing weeks to my birth town of Tucson, Arizona. So far the time here has been wonderful and restful. I've been able to spend lots of time with family and friends. The friends I stay with live on a farm, well I call it a farm because they have more than one type of animal! At the house I've been spending lots of time reading, hanging out outside, playing with kitties and watching House Hunters. Anyways enough words here's some pics to give you a better picture.

Jammin out to some Fleetwood Mac.

Eating delicious food.

Family game night!


Crafty Craze

Last weekend I went to Austin for one of my oldest friends' secret engagement party, it was awesome! I will have to blog about that next time. While I was there secretly I got to spend some quality time with my friend Megan. Unfortunately Megan did a very bad thing and showed me this amazing site called pintrest.com. If you don't know what that is go look now! Anyway hanging out with Megan and looking at pintrest got me in a crafting mood, so this Saturday I went into a crafting frenzy. Below are a few of the things I made. I even baked!

This is the in progress yarn wreath.

Nutella cookies, yum! http://www.erinsfoodfiles.com/2011/01/nutella-cookies.html

I made about a dozen magnates, a few jars to hold my buttons (I didn't make the jars, just painted them with chalkboard paint!), made a special jar for mom for Mother's Day with heartfelt notes inside and a yarn wreath.

It was a pretty fun weekend, got my creative juices flowing. I'm ready for summer so I can craft everyday. Although my bank account isn't ready for that!


My new obsession

My new favorite thing to do on my phone is take pictures of flowers (lame I know) and edit them in the best photo app, pictureshow. Thanks to my roommates boyfriend we always have fresh flowers on our kitchen table to model for me. I will soon find a new subject to be inspired by but for now it's all about flowers for me. Happy spring!


Feeling artsy-fartsy

Last night I had the apartment to myself, so I took advantage of the space and quiet. I had a great time getting all my art supplies out and working in my journal. I have a tendency to be afraid of working with new mediums or tools but then once I try something new I get obsessed. I feel like this may happen with watercolors. We will see!


Houston Rodeo

To me the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo means two things. 1. Food. 2. Baby animals. They have so much great food to choose from. You almost have to go multiple times just to make sure you've tried all the different foods. I also love seeing all the farm animals, especially the new born ones in the birthing center.
Here are a few pics from my two trips to the rodeo.


Having too much fun with my new phone!

I got a new phone and have already downloaded sooo many photo apps, now the problem is not what to take a picture of, but which app to use to take the picture or edit the picture.


A Tasty Treat

I made some Zucchini muffins last week that were amazing! I used my new muffin pan I got for Christmas from the Stoyanoffs, and dang it makes some huge muffins! I ate a muffin everyday for breakfast and it kept me full until lunch time which is rare. I'm planning on making some more Monday night, maybe this will be my new weekly tradition.